Hall Noir 2015 // Appel à Projet

Hall Noir 2015 // Appel à Projet

The project is born from an observation made within the art schools:
The art world they inculcate on us, in which we evolve, is no longer in adequacy with our desires and aspirations. In Hall Noir we react to an artistic pedagogy that doesn’t seem correct to us and that moves away from fundamental principles of life.
At the time of the plurality of medias, the bringing together of practices, the growing of exchanges and ideas, isn’t it the time to reappropriate our means of production and creation to rise up our commitment, responsibility and autonomy.
To overcome the individualisation of our everyday life, Hall Noir 2015 is an evolving artwork open to life and creation experiences. It seeks to make react and to solve everyday life, while we are driven to correspond to the images of the genius artist, submissive to the obligations and policies of the art market.




It is because we feel concerned by what is going on around us that Hall Noir fits in current issues as society, digital progress, and environment.

Thus, we are particularly sensible to present debates for the universal agreements on climate. For instance, Paris Cop 21 will take place from November 30th to December 11th, which is little after the Hall Noir event. The anthropocene, the earth and the human are the core of discussions and Hall Noir, through its guests, commitments and proposed workshops, has the will to take over and to bring some interpretations.

This event allows national and European art students but also young artists to experiment new art practices and reflections that put at work the traditional disciplines as video, photography or even performance. Let’s introduce back the relation between art and the world in order to create a completely authentic artwork.

The objective of the workshops is to achieve an autonomous creation, even handcrafted, made by the tools available in the studios. Inspired by the model of Fab Labs, we wish to make out of Hall Noir a fully autonomous creation place where “it is no longer the artists who holds the meaning of the artwork but all those who have the faculty of living genially ».