Buy the first UNIVERSAL EAR book

Buy the first UNIVERSAL EAR book

You knew this day would come. We are ready to inflict the first UNIVERSAL EAR book on the world.

For 21 days only, Harley Byrne’s memoirs concerning his adventures in Bourges, France, 2187AD, will be available in paperback form. The book also contains illustrations (regenerated by Aleksandra Niemczyk), a photo series, and my own Bourges diaries from the production of the accompanying film.

After December 2nd, all unsold copies of the book will be burned. So not buying the book makes you ‘ok’ with book-burning. Think about that.

It costs £8+£5 postage (you can buy it without postage in person at Bandits-Mages in Bourges, where our exhibition opens on Friday) and we will try to send it to wherever you are. It might just take a while.

Meanwhile, everyone in Bourges is eagerly reading it, hoping to discover scandalous details about their own near-future. Spoiler alert: everything gets worse.

Exibition friday november 16th, at 8:00 pm

LE HAÏDOUC – ANTRE PEAUX – 24-26 route de la chapelle – 18000 Bourges

Free Acces

More informations:  +33 2 48 50 42 47