“The Residents” Exhibition from April 21 to June 2, 2019 at the Transpalette in Bourges. 

“The Residents” Exhibition from April 21 to June 2, 2019 at the Transpalette in Bourges. 

Bandits-Mages organizes the exhibition The Residents from April 21 to June 2, at  Transpalette, in partnership with Ensa of Bourges,
The opening is on Saturday, April 20 at 6pm.
before the exhibition The Residents, Cosmogol 999 will animate a Ralph Records special show on Thursday, April 18 at 7pm.

Address : ANTRE PEAUX, 24-26 route de la Chapelle, 18000 Bourges

Exhibition Outline

Bandits-Mages met The Residents in June, 2016. Ever since, both entities have been thinking about organising this exhibition project related to the legendary collective productions. As the band was born in 1969, this exhibition relies on 50 years of sound, visual, material, and written productions, of which only The Residents themselves keep keeping the whole secret (and all explanations). Among others, as no one ever really managed to know the collective members identity, which remained totally independent and autonomous from start, according to its mentors Sun Ra and Frank Zappa.

The Residents will start with The Bunny Boy(re)construction bedroom [3], as the character’s living and investigation space. This Bunny boy character was created in 2008.

This bedroom settled in the Transpalette skylight, is a shooting studio, and will be activated during the exhibition. The bunny boy, is back, going around among artworks, found or refound objects, thanks to the fans, with whom The Residents had a very special relation.  Reaching a point in which the raving, mad rabbit character has exchanged for real with many people around the world.

A screening room hosting fictions-clips and Sculpt [4], Loris Gréaud’s underground movie, will be added to the exhibition venue as a bedroom extension.

Among the objects selection, you’ll find the iconic band’s « Eyeballs », costumes, graphic and photographic research of resident artist Henrik Kam, in Transpalette’ corridors.

[1] Cosmogol 999 :

Cosmogol 999 is a radio show broadcasted every thursday on Jet FM (Nantes).

It displays a wide range of handmade experimental music mixed with the toes.

Cosmogol 999 is currently brewing a special Ralph Records tribute show for The Residentsexhibition.


[2] Ralph Records :

Ralph Records : Ralph Records was the Residents‘ original record label, the name coming from the slang phrase for vomiting, “calling Ralph on the porcelain telephone”.

Ralph was founded in 1972, shortly after the Residents had moved to San Francisco, when they realized that it was the only entity that would be willing to publish their work.

 [3] The Bunny Boy :

In 2008, The Residents began an ambitious project entitled The Bunny Boy. At its heart it was an episodic web series, with installments premiering on YouTube and the Residents official site three days a week.

The genesis of the project was an old acquaintance of The Residents coming back into their lives after a long absence. They received a bizarre collection of videos of a man pleading for help to find his brother. The Residents recognized their old friend, and decided to help by retelling his story so that it would reach more people.

The series had an interactive element, in that viewers were invited to correspond with Bunny via email, and their comments and advice would shape the narrative of the series. In total there were 66 episodes, a soundtrack album, a music album, a tour, and a DVD.

[4] Sculpt :

Sculpt is scarcely a social science fiction movie. It depicts an international market organized around new shapes and experiences, all the more sought-after as they are almost unattainable. Written and directed by Loris Gréaud, Starring: Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Lonsdale, The Residents, Pascal Greggory, Abel Ferrara, Claude Parent, Voodoo Queen Priestess Miriam Chamani, Betty Catroux.

Original soundtrack: The Residents

[5] Joshua Raoul Brody‘s experience with The Residents dates back to 1976 when he appeared as a one-armed dwarf waiter with gigantic shoes in their sci-fi epic Vileness Fats. Since then he has colored carrots on the hand-silkscreened covers of their “third” album, Third Reich’n’Roll, schlepped backdrops on their Mole Show tour and wrangled sequences for Cube-Eand Bunny Boy, did vocal arrangements for their notorious cover of “Satisfaction” and portrayed The Famous Flames on George and James. As accompanist on Sam’s Enchanted Evening (work for which he won a Subito grant from the American Composers Forum), he was one of the few artists to perform with the Residents unmasked and un-anonymous.

Mr. Brody specializes in providing music for improvisational theater. He has been the music director for San Francisco’s BATS Improv for over 30 years, and has collaborated on ground-breaking work in long-form improvisation with Pulp Playhouse, True Fiction Magazine, Rafe Chase, and others. He teaches the craft of song improvisation world-wide and is nearly finished with a book on the subject. He also composes music for film, video, and live theater, and accompanies singers, comedians, and civilians. His motto is “Music is too important to be left to the professionals.”

More informations : production@bandits-mages.com // +33 (0)2 48 50 42 47