Since 1991, Bandits-Mages has organized a festival (called Rencontres since 2013 ). This festival offers screening and broadcasting throughout the year, produces works using contemporary media, design and conducts wokshops. This year, Bandits-Mages is changing over to a new transmission space and above all the Rencontres presents itself as a collective creative time-space. It will now be a prototype of a DIY school where production and broadcasting tools are at the service of research for students, artists and curators who come together via shared hacker ethics.

Programs will emerge from this “being together” as an invitation to others to join us.

It is within this framework that we are creating an open call for students and emerging artists interested by hybridization and becoming queer. In the manner of Bandits-Mages origins we’ll screen research films, film studies and experimental movies in multiple spaces: theater, cinema and transmedia stage.

This call is focus on three topics: Witchcraft, Trans_plant and Specement (the embodiment of hybrid species).

  • No duration limit for films.
  • Each applicant can choose one or several topics.
  • Subscription is free.
  • Deadline is extended to July the 15th.
  • Chosen programs done in regard on proposals will be announced at the end of July.


An invitation to technoshamanisms, to vampire knowledge and to cyborg sabbat. An invitation to a re-appropriation of the notion of sorcery, entirely distanced from any associations with black magic, esoterism, or other definitions produced by the medieval Catholicism, the colonization, fairy tales or Disney’s films.
If we distance ourselves from these definitions from a transfeminist perspective, we find ourselves inside a set of practices, that through the manipulation of symbols, bodies, substances, objects, views and spaces, aim at the modification/creation of our identities, relationships, and surroundings. A mixture of practices that witches used to name “art“ or “arts“, from which we assume that they could call themselves… “artists“. So, the covens were encounters of collective art.


How to consider a transition process: human/plant/machine? How to switch from red blood to green chlorophyl? How to transit from Anthropocene to the Donna Haraway’s Chthulucene? How to move from identification to mutation? How to inhabit our ecosystems with radical tender?
How to become compost?
How to desert species?


Specement is a collective and musical way to inhabit a matrix-world : mutable and durable, multiple and unique, hybrid ecosytems.
These worlds are gestational caves which deliver trans-species at the end of high rituals of pedagogical experimenations between humans and non-humans.
Specement is also a creative attention which consist of bringing into existence that which  has not yet come, or of seeing in a different way what we are supposed to see.
Specement is about how to invent fictions of worlds without us, of us without the world, of us before the world and of worlds after us.

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