• All work must be entered online. Enrolment applications on next page.
  • All submitted work will be examined by the Rencontres team : Isabelle Carlier, director of Bandits-Mages, Mateo Simon, artist and technical manager of Bandits-Mages, David Legrand, artist and coordinator of Hall Noir, Quimera Rosa, a lab that researches and experiments on body, technology and identities.
  • The selected works will be shown during the Rencontres.
  • Enrolment is free.

Eligibility – works

Are eligible to compete video works which are contemporary (documentary approaches, new fiction, experimental videos, expanded cinema).
Selection is open to 2 works maximum per artist.

Online registration

Enrol on line (form next page, one form per work).


If the soundtrack is in french, English (and/or spanish) subtitles, provided at the author’s expense, would be advisable. If the soundtrack is in a language other than french, french subtitles are strongly recommended.


The deadline for receiving work is extended to July 15th 2016.


The results of the selections will be published on-line at the end of July 2016.

Sending video work for projections

For all videos selected for projection during the Gathering, the author, video maker or a representative should supply the work, in an uncompressed format, no sooner than 30 days before the start of the Gathering. Postage will be at the expense of the candidates who shall have no recourse of any kind against the organizers including for damage or loss of work in transit.
For work sent through Customs, add the following label «of no commercial value» (or « sans valeur commerciale » for French Customs).
DVDs (or SD cards, pen drive, and so on…) can be returned to the author/artist on request provided that an adequately stamped envelope is supplied.

Communication and catalogue

If you wish to promote work in the Rencontres’s advertising supports, its website, please supply one to three photos of the work, uploading them into their online application with a synopsis in English, Spanish and French.

Expenses covered

Meals will be offered to all authors of work selected for the Rencontres.

Authorisation to distribute / Documentation

  • The authors certify that they possess all the rights needed to screen their work (film script, music etc) and they allow Bandits-Mages to enjoy these rights within the framework of and during the Rencontres.
  • Extracts from selected works, in whatever form – catalogues, programmes, invitations, press, Internet or television – may be used to promote the Rencontres.
  • Any selected work will be included in the Bandits-Mages video collection, unless the author explicitly forbids this on the enrolment form.
  • Selected work shown at Gathering may be screened for promotional purposes, in non-commerical festivals and events in France or abroad. Authors will be asked beforehand for their consent.
  • Works presented at the Rencontres could be used by Bandits-Mages in presentations in France or abroad :
    • screening at carte blanche events
    • screening for educational purposes  (including circulating compilations of students’ work within an art school network)
    • free access to the material in the Bandits-Mage library by teachers, professionals and members.

Enrolment binds all participants in the contest to accept the above conditions.

All documents should be sent to:
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