• Venue : Cinéma MCB°, Boulevard Georges Clemenceau, 18000 Bourges
  • Date and time : monday, november 7th, 9 PM
WHITE CARD given to the filmmaker Graeme Cole (England): screening of two films, Thus a Noise Speaks (38 min) by Kaori Oda (Japan) and My Parents Are Animals (24 min) by Ghazi Alqudcy (Singapore), followed by Epizoda? (40 min) by Graeme Cole.

Thus a Noise Speaks (Kaori Oda, 2010) – 38 min
My Parents Are Animals (Ghazi Alqudcy, 2012) 24 min
Epizoda ? (Graeme Cole, 2016) – 40 min

Thus a Noise Speaks
A film that speaks of the self and the need for acceptance, made with a touch of wry humour. When the filmmaker, Kacchi visits home for the summer from abroad, she comes out to her family as a lesbian. Her mother and father react very negatively and cannot accept it. Kacchi decides to deal with the situation by making a film about the ‘coming out’. She asks her family to be the actors and tells them that the film is about a person who comes out to her family. The film highlights the subtle relationships within the family. It combines sounds and images, displacing them to move back and forth in time, not to create drama, but a sense of disorientation.

My Parents Are Animals
A woman walks across the road and puts a bucket down on the sidewalk. She walks back and returns with a cat and a kettle. The woman throws the cat into the bucket and empties the boiling kettle into it. She slams a lid over the bucket and stamps her foot on the lid. The cat screams and wails in agony. After witnessing the cat’s death from his flat, M makes instant noodles to appease his hunger. W is born. Out of hunger, out of control, out of nonchalance…

Epizoda ?
A TV detective who’s lost the plot drives aimlessly around the city. Negotiating time and space seem achievable next to solving a murder in a factory, the only witness a robot with an uncanny ability to get under the skin with its only two programmed lines: “That interests me” and “What are you afraid of?”

This event follows on from the Rencontres Bandits-Mages, in partnership with the City of Bourges.

Contact : +33(0)2 48 50 42 47 (Bandits-Mages’ office)