The Eye of the Other – Tiziano Derme & Daniela Mitterberger

The Eye of the Other – Tiziano Derme & Daniela Mitterberger

Exhibition in Haïdouc – within the framework of OU\ /ERT at the Transpalette.
Curators: Jens Hauser and Aniara Rodado.
Free entry from October 18 to October 30, from Wednesday to Saturday, 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Visits on Sundays by appointment only, with Julien Record:
The exhibition will be closed on November 1st.

October the 18th, during the opening of the OU\ /ERT exhibition at the Transpalette, Bandits-Mages invites you to meet the artists Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme from 7:30 pm.


“Research devices are a way of organizing with animals, another way of creating certain forms of intimacy with them. And researchers know how intimacy is built.” In this sentence, taken from “Habiter en oiseau”, Vinciane Despret particularly invites us to perceive what is played out in a laboratory, a space that can just as easily be that of the artists.

A strange similarity can be heard in this statement between the place of artistic research and the place of scientific research when the living world is introduced into them. The sensitive and empirical link becomes a promising issue of experiences between previously unknown languages and modes of communication. Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme in their project The eye of the Other create a space that involves the effort to hear, see and perceive differently, where, thanks to collected data and a fully built environment, an inter-species understanding is emerging between humans and nectarivorous bats.

This agreement, this sensitive world, this intimacy is not, however, free of questions and fears when it comes to entering into a relationship with animals in an artificial, and not a wild space. Bats then seem to have a special status that “domestic” animals do not have, or those intended to feed the carnivorous human being. In the case of the project presented here, ethical questions arise, which would not even jump to mind if they were cats or cows.

The entire residency process at Bandits-Mages will have brought together the research and creative work itself, technical and atmospheric constraints linked to the reception of people from other continents (whom we, as berruyers, will never have had the chance to meet physically) and language issues that will also have been those of administrations and operations that differ from one country to another.

At this stage of the research, many elements have yet to be built. A final exhibition in Halle (Germany) in 2021 will show the entire research process and the work created by the two artists in collaboration with their puppy partners.


Here, the exhibition comes from a two-month residency in the framework of EMAP#EMARE, a network of European New Media residences of which Bandits-Mages is a member:

It is supported by the European Union’s Europe Creative Programme.

The project is part of the Arts and Science program: Prespectiv’act run by the Plateforme des Arts Visuels de Bourges, supported by 500 years Viva Leonardo from the Centre-Val de Loire Region.


About The Eye of the Other (2019)

Interspecies communication human-bats

The eye of the Other explores non-verbal communication between humans and bats, through the study and the translation of the bat’s sensorial systems. While humans distinguish fruit from foliage visually, via their ability to discriminate red and green acquired throughout biological evolution, bats do not rely on the primacy of the visual sense. Nectar feeding bats find flowers by sorting the environment using visual and sonar information. They can recognize the geometry of a single flower by generating so-called ‘echo-fingerprints’. The eye of the other translates these fingerprints into audible frequencies and visual, sensual patterns comprehensible to human senses. This multimodal piece derives from the artist’s desire to transcend the limitation of our living experience exploring the deeper meaning of mutualistic relationships and interspecies communication between human and animals; the animals gaze in juxtaposition to the human gaze.

Bats are a crucial part of our native wildlife, indicators of biodiversity, important pollinators; some plants even depend partly or wholly on bats to pollinate their flowers. While these plants rely on bats to pollinate their flowers, bats also rely on the fruit and flowers of these plants to survive. Tiziano Derme and Daniela Mitterberger are fascinated by the way a nectar bat processes and filters relevant information from the environment to make sense of its perception. It has to find hundreds of tiny flowers each night in a highly cluttered rainforest sorting out visual, olfactory and sonar information.

The Eye of the Other explores bio-inspired design not through the creation of objects but rather as an alteration of an environment to stimulate biological processes and behaviors in a desired way. The work translates the nectar bats’ perceptual world into perceptual patterns a human can understand – from echolocation to our senses such as hearing, seeing and touching.

Projekt Credits: a project by MAEID – FutureRetrospectiveNarrative – in collaboration with: Scientific staff: Dr. Ralph Simon (Animal Ecology) Andrea Reni – Interface development: Ralph Simon, Andrea Reni, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme

About the artists

Vienna and Zürich based media artists and architects Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme are the co-founders and directors of MAEID / Büro für Architektur und Trasmediale Kunst, an interdisciplinary design  studio created to critically locating new technologies within novel human-animal-machine entanglements. Their work strives to establish particular relationships with otherness, and new dynamics of exchange between listeners and receivers. Daniela Mitterberger currently is a PhD fellow and researcher at ETH Zurich investigating the relationships between human intuition and robotics. Tiziano Derme is an Assistant Professor and PhD-Fellow at the University of Innsbruck focusing on multimedia composites and material performativity.


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This project was realized within the framework of the European Media Art Platform EMAP#EMARE program, Bandits Mages and with support of the Creative Europe Culture Program of the European Union.

Labelled  “2019, Viva Léonardo Da Vinci ! 500 ans de renaissance(s] in the Centre-Val de Loire region”

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